Slink Avatar Enhancement LogoI work hard to make sure my mani/pedi huds are functional before they go out but every now and then one or two slip through the cracks. If your huds aren’t working as intended, please send me an IM and I’ll work with you to either troubleshoot your problem or replace the defective one. However, please read through the following to see if there is an easy answer:

  • You must have SLink mesh hands and/or feet to use these appliers. They will not work with any other hands or feet.
  • To operate the single design huds, please click on the ‘fingers’ or ‘toes’ button to apply the design to either extremity. Clicking on the thumbnail will not work.
  • To operate the multi design huds, please click on the thumbnail under the appropriate category to apply the design to either feet or hands.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please contact Alia Whitfield here or in-world for assistance.

For support with your Slink Avatar Enhancement System, click here.