blogger-callhello, bloggers!

i am a huge fan of your work.

whether you’ve been at it for ten years or two weeks, whether i’ve been a long-time follower or never heard of you before, i appreciate what you do. blogging is a time consuming and often expensive labor of love and we, the designers, cannot pay for that kind of advertising. you are invaluable to this industry and, from the bottom of my heart, i thank you for your participation.

typically, i release at least one product or gacha machine per month, often more, depending on what event i’m in. i do not often release things outside of event schedules because i try to line up at least one or two of them per month anyway and try to use the time in between getting/staying organized/sane.

to that effort, i’m starting an in-world group for my brand’s ‘official’ bloggers. if you’d like to be a part of it, read on.

ideally, i’d love to see my official bloggers feature at least one thing per round of releases. for example, if i’m doing two events in a month, i would ask that you feature at least one thing from either of those events. i would absolutely love for you to feature me more often than that, but i don’t want to take the fun and creativity out of it — i want you to feature what you love, not what you feel obligated to show. i’m not going to be hardcore about deadlines or quotas but i’d like to make sure everyone gets what they want out of the group.

some months i don’t release anything at all, so obviously i don’t expect you to drag something out of the past to make relevant again. i would not hate it if you did, but there is zero expectation of that. if you do blog something that’s older, though, please do make sure i haven’t retired or updated it before blogging it.

when you do feature me (thank you!), please add your photos to my flickr group or, if you have a facebook, post it to my store’s wall. also, send me a link! either in private or the group, i genuinely love seeing how you guys turn my stuff into your stuff — that’s one of the best parts of the job.

if you don’t think you can/want to do this, that’s okay: i may still send you things i think you might like, if that’s cool with you (if it’s not, please let me know). like i said, huge fan of your work. i’m just trying to get organized so i can effectively promote my products to those who want to see them.

but as a part of this group, you will get first and immediate access to all my releases, including sneak peeks and blogger-only gifts (these are just for you to enjoy, in fact it’s better for me if you don’t blog them! lol). your name will be listed in the store along with a link to your blog and included in any future opportunities i have to promote my bloggers (website, interviews, etc).

so please, if you’re at all interested in joining the group, fill out the application (even if i’ve invited you personally — just for record keeping purposes) and come on through!